ABOUT A. M. Islamic Model School

Detailed information about the Bolgona Taj Education & Welfare Society and its activities are given below :

1. **Legal Status and Registration**:

- The society is registered under the West Bengal Society Registration Act, XXVI of 1961, with the government registration number SO141437 of 2006-2007 (Legacy Registration No.: S/1L/41437).

- It holds registrations under Section 80G(5)(vi) and 12AA of the Income Tax Act, 1961. This means that donations to the society are eligible for tax benefits, and the society enjoys tax-exempt status on its income.

- The society is also registered with the NITI Aayog, Government of India, with a Unique ID No. WB/2017/0165790. This registration likely allows them to receive grants and benefits from government programs.

2. **Founding and Leadership**:

- The society was established in 2006 by Janab Alhaj Mannan Mondal.

- Late Alhaj Mannan Mondal was the founding president.

-The current president is Hon'ble Justice Md. Abdul Ghani, (enjoying the status of Minister of State), Chairman of the Board of Auqaf, West Bengal, Government of West Bengal.

- Janab Abul Hassain Mondal, who works in the office of the West Bengal State Haj Committee, Government of West Bengal, serves as the General Secretary of the Society.

- Janab Shaheen Alam Sardar, WBRS, Deputy Excise of Collector, Govt. of West Bengal also serves as the Asst. General Secretary of the Society.

3. **A. M. Islamic Model School**:

- The society runs the A. M. Islamic Model School, which is likely an educational institution based on Islamic values and principles.

- The society takes inspiration from the opening verse of the Glorious Quran, is- “Iqra bi ismi rabbi ka al-laji khalaq khalaq al-insana min 'alaqi.e. “Read (recite) in the name of your Lord who has created the man from the clot of blood.”

-It reflects the school's emphasis on education and the moral values associated with Islamic teachings.

4. **Non-Government Organization (NGO)**:

- As an NGO, the Bolgona Taj Education & Welfare Society is dedicated to social welfare and community development. This often includes activities related to education, healthcare, poverty alleviation, and other charitable initiatives.

The society's primary focus seems to be on education and welfare, especially with an Islamic foundation. They aim to promote values like truth and morality, as indicated in the Quranic verse. The organization likely carries out various programs and initiatives to serve the community and uphold its objectives, which could include scholarships, educational support, and welfare activities for those in need.