About School

A.M. Islamic Model School is based on the following details:

1. **Mission and Values**:

- A.M. Islamic Model School is a non-profit charitable organization dedicated to providing high-quality educational services while upholding and promoting moderate mainstream Islamic values.

2. **Educational Excellence**:

- The school is committed to delivering top-quality educational services, indicating a focus on academic excellence and holistic development.

3. **Promotion of Islamic Values**:

- A key objective of the school is to promote Islamic thought and values within the context of mainstream society. This suggests that the school aims to instill Islamic values and principles in its students while fostering an understanding and appreciation of these values in the broader community.

4. **Community Integration**:

- The school's mission includes building permanent roots within the community and fostering common values with other communities. This emphasizes the importance of integration and harmonious coexistence with the broader society.

5. **Interfaith Dialogue**:

- The reference to facilitating friendly and open relationships between different communities suggests that the school may be involved in interfaith or intercultural dialogue and activities to promote understanding and cooperation in an age where misunderstandings and misinformation can be prevalent.

6. **Leadership**:

- The school's leadership plays a pivotal role in shaping its educational direction and values. Here's more information about the key figures in leadership at A.M. Islamic Model School:

** Janab Sk Mohammad Ibrahim, retired WBCS (Exe.), MA, B.Ed, LLB (CU)

Hon’ble Chairman, Selection Committee, AMIMS

Janab Sk. Mohammad Ibrahim holds multiple academic qualifications, including an MA (Master of Arts) in English, B.Ed. (Bachelor of Education), and LLB (Bachelor of Laws). He is now the Chairman of Selection Committee, AMIMS. He brings a diverse educational background to his role. His academic qualifications suggest a strong foundation in multiple fields, including arts, education, and law. This breadth of knowledge can be valuable for guiding the school's selection process and decision-making. Having served as a retired WBCS (Exe) Officer posted as Sub-Divisional Magistrate, Rampurhat, Birbhum, Mr. Ibrahim possesses extensive experience in the public service sector. This background provides him with a deep understanding of administrative processes, governance, and public policy. This knowledge can be beneficial for the effective management of the school. In his role as Chairman of the Selection Committee, Mr. Ibrahim likely plays a crucial part in shaping the school's direction and policies related to students/Teachers selection and admission. His background in education and public service allows him to bring a unique blend of expertise to the school's decision-making processes. This combination of educational and administrative knowledge can help ensure that the school operates smoothly and efficiently. Mr. Ibrahim's active involvement in the school will benefit it in several ways, including the smooth operation of administrative processes, effective decision-making related to student/teachers selection, and the application of educational and legal expertise to school matters.

In summary, Mr. Sk. Mohammad Ibrahim's qualifications, experience, and active role as Chairman of the Selection Committee contribute significantly to A.M. Islamic Model School. His multifaceted background equips him to provide valuable insights and leadership, which can help the school achieve its educational goals and operate efficiently.

**Janab Kazi Enamul Haque, M.A, (Eng), B.Ed., Principal, AMIMS**:

- As a retired Head Master of a Government Aided High School, Janab Kazi Enamul Haque brings a wealth of experience in educational leadership to the position of Principal. His background and career in education likely contribute significantly to the school's commitment to academic quality and values-based education. With his experience, he can help ensure that the school maintains high educational standards and provides students with a solid foundation for their academic and personal growth.

**Janab Abul Hassain Mondal, B.Sc. (CU), MBA, Honorary Director, AMIMS**:

- Mr. Abul Hassain Mondal, with a background in Science Graduate and an MBA, serves as the Honorary Director of the school. His experience working in the office of the West Bengal State Haj Committee, Government of West Bengal demonstrates his administrative competence. His role as Honorary Director suggests that he plays a critical part in the school's overall direction and administration. His vast experience in administration can contribute in ensuring the effective operation of the school. His knowledge of administrative processes, organization, and decision-making can help the school run efficiently, manage resources effectively, and provide the best possible educational outcomes for its students and the broader community.

The combination of educational leadership and administrative expertise within the school's leadership team likely ensures that A.M. Islamic Model School is well-equipped to provide students with a quality education that aligns with its academic and values-based mission.

In summary, A.M. Islamic Model School is dedicated to providing high-quality education while promoting Islamic values in a manner that fosters community integration and interfaith understanding. The school aims to play a constructive role in society by nurturing both academic excellence and moral values among its students.