Islamic Studies & Quran

The education program at A.M. Islamic Model School has a clear focus on two fundamental dimensions: individual development and social development. Here's a detailed breakdown of these dimensions:

**1. Individual Development:**

- **Positive and Good Life**: The school's objective is to prepare students to lead a positive and morally upright life as they grow into adulthood. This includes instilling values, ethics, and character development that contribute to personal well-being and the well-being of the community.

- **Rewards in the Hereafter**: In addition to life in this world, the school also emphasizes spiritual and religious development, with the ultimate goal of earning positive rewards in the hereafter. This reflects the school's commitment to Islamic values and principles that guide individuals not only in this life but in the afterlife as well.

**2. Social Development:**

- **Preservation of Cultural Heritage**: The school recognizes the importance of education as a means to preserve a community's cultural heritage. This involves passing on traditions, languages, and customs to the next generation, helping maintain cultural continuity.

- **Instrument for Social Change**: Education is seen as a tool for social change, meaning it can empower students to make a positive impact on their society. It can help them address social issues, promote inclusivity, and drive positive changes in their community.

**3. Comprehensive Qur'an Curriculum:**

- The school offers a comprehensive curriculum focused on the Qur'an, the holy book of Islam. This curriculum covers various aspects, including:

- **Proper Recitation Skills**: Teaching students how to accurately and melodiously recite the Qur'an, which is highly regarded in Islamic practice.

- **Memorization Skills**: Encouraging students to memorize parts or the entirety of the Qur'an, which is a notable achievement in Islamic education.

- **Meaningful Lessons**: Helping students understand the lessons, values, and principles conveyed in different chapters (Surahs) of the Qur'an.

- **Adaptation of Islam as a Way of Life**: The ultimate goal of this Qur'an curriculum is to guide students in adopting Islam as a comprehensive way of life. This includes not only the religious aspects but also how Islamic values and teachings can be applied in their daily lives and interactions with others.

In summary, A.M. Islamic Model School's education program is designed to foster individual development with an emphasis on leading a positive life in this world and attaining rewards in the hereafter. It also places importance on social development by preserving cultural heritage and using education as a tool for positive social change. The comprehensive Qur'an curriculum plays a central role in helping students understand and embrace Islam as a way of life.