A.M. Islamic Model School's commitment to providing a well-rounded education extends beyond academics to include a variety of extra-curricular sports programs. Here are the key points about their sports offerings:

**Diversity of Sports Programs**:

- In addition to the athletic areas covered by the West Bengal Board of Primary Education, the school takes pride in offering a wide range of extra-curricular sports programs. This means that students have the opportunity to engage in various sports and physical activities that may not be part of the standard curriculum.

**Opportunity for Physical Activity**:

- These sports programs are conducted during recess and tiffin (lunchtime), which provides students with opportunities to be physically active and enjoy their favorite sports. It promotes healthy habits and an active lifestyle.

**Competition and Engagement**:

- Participation in sports programs not only promotes physical fitness but also fosters a spirit of competition and teamwork among students. Students can compete in their preferred sports, which can be both fun and a valuable learning experience.

**Intramural Sports Program**:

- The mention of a special intramural sports program suggests that the school is actively promoting sports within the school community. Intramural sports involve students competing within the school, rather than against external teams, making it an inclusive and community-building activity.

**Positive Effects Throughout the School**:

- The school likely recognizes the positive impact of sports on overall student development. Sports can enhance physical fitness, improve social skills, and contribute to the holistic well-being of students. The positive effects of these programs are expected to resonate throughout the school environment, creating a more vibrant and healthy learning community.

In summary, A.M. Islamic Model School's extra-curricular sports programs offer students a diverse range of sports activities, encouraging physical fitness, competition, and teamwork. The intramural sports program emphasizes community engagement, and the overall aim is to have a positive influence on the entire school, promoting a healthier and more active school environment.